Aqua Yoga on ABC-7 WWSB My Suncoast with Donny B. Fit

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ABC7 WWSB My Suncoast
Posted on Feb 24, 2016
by Don Brennan

SARASOTA, Fla. — Yes, when getting up and down is difficult or painful, just “get in.”
The pool, that is. People are finding that the water is a lot more forgiving after years of wear and tear, injuries, and surgeries.

Jack Schlegel, a devotee of Aqua Yoga says, “It takes all issue of the floor out of it. I’ve tried yoga, but being on the floor is tough, and if it hurts, than its not good for you.”  Yoga was not on the radar for men of a certain age, but like Jack, they may be coming around.

“Men don’t do yoga”, Jack adds. “We know we should. I am the only guy in the class, and that’s kind of cool when its all women”, laughs Schlegel.

Tamara Page, the founder of Aqua Yoga, and an instructor at The Resort at Long Boat Key Club adds, “Men are showing up in droves now. They are finding that it is complimentary of their other sporting activities.”

Conventional yoga never appealed to Patsy Chotin , but the draw of the water has had a profound effect on her affinity for the fitness discipline.

“I never liked yoga, but getting in the water has changed all that. My health issues all go away”, explains Patsy Chotin, also a devout participant in Aqua Yoga.

Like so many things in life, this Aqua Yoga came about by chance.

“I was swimming with my niece and we decided to do some yoga moves in the water. I felt so good the next day that I started to make it a part of my routine”, says Page, who also teaches at Sarabande condominium in downtown Sarasota.

The water helps with the impact, but it is not as easy as people would think. “Balance on the water is different than on land. It can be trickier, so it helps with balance”, adds Page.

Chotin opines, “Aqua yoga works things that weights don’t. It has really helped with my balance, and I love being in the water.”

That seems to be the general consensus. Good exercise, a nice group of people in a setting that couldn’t be better, and all the while it is a way to a healthier, less painful, and more mobile life.

“I love it! It makes a big difference, at least according to my physical therapist”, Schlegel exclaims.